Business Formation Services Provided

Market Research is the foundation for sound business formation. Tellurian Strategic Advisors provides extensive market studies and understanding for our clients at the inception of their business formation.

Venture Creation is at the heart of Tellurian’s leadership skills. With multiple years of experience in identifying and creating some of the most disrupting and enduring business ventures in multiple industries, Tellurian’s Advisors skillfully walk our clients through each step of the venture creation process.

Strategic Planning is core to the Tellurian Innovation process. Navigating the challenges of business formation and growth in the Age of Innovation and Chaos requires a comprehensive and adaptable strategic plan to succeed.

Channels to Market continue to evolve and adapt to technological changes and global dynamic growth. How our clients reach their customers requires an approach which is responsive and disruptive. When forming a highly innovative and sustainable business, identifying where your customers are today and where they should be tomorrow is the definition of success.

Alliances unlock our client’s true potential. Innovation occurs through cooperation, and success comes through mutually beneficial outcomes. Business strength and sustainability are achieved when our clients develop enduring relationships and alliances with partners who collaborate in their vision and share a passion for their life’s work.

Governmental Consulting / Lobbying is a skillset required for clients operating in a global marketplace. Any effort for formation, growth and expansion globally requires a deep understanding of governmental and cultural structures, regulations, policies and practices which enable or restrict a client’s success. Tellurian Strategic Advisors’ relationships throughout some of the world’s most dynamic markets is extensive and provides our clients with the relationships, expert insight and guidance required to succeed.

Technology Search and Identification requires deep insight into the value drivers of our clients and a contextual understanding of technology. Our advisors have a long history of identifying and developing innovative technologies and technology companies. Each advisor understands the value of technology innovation and its impact on sustainable companies.