Business Capitalization Services Provided

Capital Sourcing is the cornerstone to Tellurian’s service set. Collectively our Advisors have over 100 years of capitalizing business at each stage of a company’s development. From large Institutional to leading Private Equity and Venture Investor firms to Angel Investors, Tellurian has facilitated over $10b in capital sourcing for our clients worldwide.

Mergers and Acquisitions are a critical component of a strategic plan’s business capitalization and growth. Identifying strategic partners and merger or acquisition targets for our clients are integral to each of our client’ strategic plans and opportunities. Our Advisors have executed multiple multi-national mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and provide our clients with ongoing M&A guidance throughout the strategic planning, deal execution, integration and operations process.

Project Funding, is similar to the capital sourcing efforts of Tellurian’s initial charge.  Tellurian has facilitated project funding through debt and equity investments, to receivable factoring and  balance sheet leveraging.

Growth Acceleration requires capitalization. Solid strategic business plans, executed by consistent stable leadership with clear targets for growth, secure capital to accelerate this growth. Tellurian facilitates capital for growth acceleration for its clients.